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Neighbors Passing is a collection of images of the residents of Venue, an apartment complex in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. 


COVID-19 has created policies around the world requiring members of the public to socially distance themselves. These guidelines came with strong recommendations to stay inside. As I abided by these policies, I found myself spending the majority of my time sitting in my bedroom with my eyes glued to the television. 


While inside, I often observe my neighbors passing by my window. This led me to question what activities brought my neighbors outside of their homes. Whether they are staff working at the complex, walking for fitness and fresh air, coming back from the store, or walking their dogs, they fight for bits of sunshine as we are locked away in order to help slow the spread. People are social creatures and it can be maddening to remain inside.

Neighbors Passing documents my neighbors through the view of my window. The images highlight the distance between people in the midst of the global pandemic and the activities that bring them outside. It also offers a way to be social as we were separated from the people and activities we normally engaged in. The window frame provides a barrier highlighting my isolation and the distance enforced upon the community.

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