About Me

I am a 9 veteran of the United States Marine Corps where I served as a combat photographer and instructor of photography. I spent 13 months photographing combat operations on assignment in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. I returned and was sent on another 3 1/2 month long combat mission to document ongoing counter insurgency efforts in the Philippines. While there I was also tasked by the State Department to create and teach photography classes to select groups of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who, at the time, were creating their own media occupational specialty. I then had 2 more assignments in the Philippines and 3 in Thailand documenting humanitarian efforts and joint military training. My last assignment was as a photography instructor and faculty supervisor for the Department of Defense at the Defense Information School in Maryland where I worked for 3 years before exiting service in December 2016. While I was teaching I became very interested in lighting, specifically outside of the studio. It was something mostly foreign to me a photojournalist for so many years. This is where I found my passion for location lighting. I believe lighting for portraits gave me a sense of control I did not have in my photography working on assignment for the Military. I have since entered art school to give my work meaning beyond the graphically appealing. I aim to create working exploring all manner of relationships. I have visually explored relationships regarding topics like family, memory, location, and more.  

Published Work

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