About Me

    My name is Matthew Troyer. I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where I served as a Staff Sergeant and combat photographer for 9 years (yes, that's a real job). I spent 12 months in combat in Afghanistan and another 3 in the Philippines (combat in the Philippines, another thing you might not be aware of) carrying with me a  rifle, pistol, a camera, and 3 lenses. I have also spent 6 months between Thailand and the Philippines documenting humanitarian efforts and joint military training. Needless to say, I loved my job and traveling was amazing. I was also fortunate enough to teach photography for three years for the Department of Defense at the Defense Information School in Maryland. Teaching was an unbelievable experience for me and something in the future i'd love to do more of.  


    The greatest thing about my time in the military and being on assignment, as well as teaching, was all the amazing people I met. These were regular people from all walks of life who were thrust together to serve something greater than themselves. I loved being able to tell their story, show their personality and freeze these moments capturing them in time. I noticed a trend in my photography over the years and that was singling out individuals in portraits. That was how I found my niche. Now, I use my experiences and skills acquired serving to create lighted portraits on location "in any clime or place" (Marine Corps humor).


    My journey has been crazy and although I'm not serving in combat any more life is still a great adventure and I plan on capturing my fellow adventurers through the lens of my camera. What sets me apart from the portraits photographers in your city is my use of on location lighting. Usually the photographers you see are "natural light" photographers. This is usually because they don't know how to use portable lighting systems. This doesn't mean their work isn't good but it's a limiting factor on where and what times they can produce imagery. Overall it can give a totally different feel. I can use or mimic the natural light or, do what I do best, and create authentic editorial-style images with a commercial feel. Using my portable lighting kit on location helps give a professional magazine style feel that sets my imagery apart giving  the work a compelling and dramatic look. It's difficult work but extremely fun and yields some amazing results.

Published Work

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